Skull and Bones Designed US Supreme Court House Worships Death

   The United States is one of the few countries in the world that

has both legal abortion and legalized executions or the death

penalty in operation. Many countries have legalized abortion

such as Canada or Sweden. Other Countries may have the

death penalty such as Saudi Arabia or Jordan which executed 2

accused Al Qaeda members on this day. VERY FEW NATIONS


have both are usually Stalinistic in nature such as Cuba, China

and North Korea. Thus, the US Government and most of the

States that comprise the Union have legalized death penalties

and all States and the Federal Government have abortion legal.

All States that are intersected by the 33rd Parallel have both. . This article will attempt to explain WHY…

The very building in which the US Supreme Court convenes was ordered designed by a

scion of one of the founding families of the Skull and Bones Society.  Chief Justice William

Howard Taft, the only man to be President and Chief Justice in US history.

   The building had its cornerstone set on October 13, 1932

to the words “the Republic endures and this is the symbol of

it’s faith”… By Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes.  His mason Status is listed as “unknown”. .

   The October 13 date is important in that it is on that same date that George Washington set the cornerstone for the White House in an obviously Freemasonic

ceremony. . As is widely known to many, George Washington was a freemason. and also .

   Further, The October 13 date corresponds again as is well known to the “Friday the 13”

arrests of the Knight Templars and the Grand Master of the order Jacques De Molay. and .

   It can be said with a significant degree of logical clarity that with 1) skull and bones

requested design and 2) Masonic White House on October 13 and 3) Arrest of Knight

Templars on October 13 that *** Cornerstone laying at US Supreme Court Building on the date of October 13 was not a coincidence but according to Freemason design.

   The previous site notes that the inside of the US Supreme Court

was lined with WHITE OAK. This particular type of wood/tree has extensive magical or

occult links , uses and connotations. & & The tree in

which the wood was used to make the cross in which Jesus

was crucified was allegedly or legendarily the Evergreen Oak.

Thus it is considered Cursed. Oak groves are also considered to be connected to pathways to other realms. . As noted the

White Oak is sacred to the Druids and quasi-druid ceremonies are held at the conclave

each year at Bohemian Grove. . The Druids

practiced HUMAN SACRIFICE – “The sacrifice of First born children”…and “The occult roots of abortion”  and further- .

The Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion emanated from Dallas, Texas. .

Dallas of course is on the 33rd Parallel and is where the masonic human sacrifice of President Kennedy occurred.

The use of Human embryoes for experimentation is pushed very hard by the United Nations . .

Kofi Annan attended Mcalester College in Minnesota that flies the United Nations flag on Campus. An alumni of that school is described as having spent her career protecting

women’s rights even though in fact she has spent her career helping to sacrifice children to evil entities.

The Supreme Court buliding itself makes refernces to the Four elements Wind, Water, Fire and Earth of magic and pagan mythology. . The

official site also notes numerous historic figures with odd spiritual reputations such as Napoleon, Draco (from where the word draconian and Solon who invented the ancient

greek practice of adult male teachers having ‘gay’ affairs with their young male students- “The father of Pederastic Education Tradition- ).

THE DEATH PENALTY – It is widely known that this tradition continues in the United States and the reasons therefore have been previously discussed by this writer in the 33rd

Parallel article cited previously. The sad issue will not be re-addressed due to redundancy.

Currently there appears to be a growing Opus Dei takeover of the Supreme Court. .

CONCLUSION – A culture of death indeed. The death penalty human sacrifice continues

unabated into the new millenium. Torture is sanctified. Assisted suicide is now just fine.

Terri Schiavo was dehydrated to death. Abortions are expected to hit 50 MILLION this

year since 1973. It takes a lot of tonalli to appease the infernal entities and keep the

freemasonic enterprise “NUMBER ONE”. Tonalli was the energy the ‘gods’ of the Aztecs

had an insatiable thirst for which required endless human blood sacrifice. .

The US Supreme Court  continues to do its part to keep them ENERGIZED …


2 Responses to “Skull and Bones Designed US Supreme Court House Worships Death”

  1. amusing Says:

    Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

  2. bergerrivera14180 Says:

    Wow, what a crazy shot !!!nI would love if you could send it to me Jan, this photo is worth printing and a place in my bedroom ! Click

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