Skull and Bones ‘322’ Logo Meaning Finally Discovered?

   It is very well known that both President Bush and Senator

John Kerry both attended Yale University and became members

of The Skull and Bones Society. This will not require verification

because at present it is common knowledge.

   The Skull and Bones ‘logo’ for lack of a better word is shown

as follows:  The skull

with crossed thighbones with the ‘322’ underneath. The

true meaning is disguised by saying that it is Lodge 322.

There has NEVER been a single iota of evidence that another

321 at minimum , similar lodges exist or have ever existed.

There is also reference to Eulogia and an ancient greek poet

which, with no disrespect to the person who came up with

the hypothesis, is trite and simply does not add up when

compared to the evil this organization does and pursues.


   What else connected to Skull and Bones or for that matter Yale would have the 322

logo brand of evil?

Super Architect Cesar Pelli was the former dean of Yale College of Architecture and has

designed many buildings on the illuminati-riddled campus. . . Where is his main office Located?

   322 8th Avenue, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

The previous link discusses an award given to his firm by

the AIA. An association with apparent illuminati links as noted in : . That

article and the previous link noted that the University of Chicago was founded by the

royal family of the new world order in America, the Rockefellers. The aiany link regards

Pelli receiving their award done on U-Chicago Hyde Park Campus.

Esteemed Reader: It is inconceivable that Mr. Pelli , having been the Dean of Architecture

at Yale did not know of Skull and Bones or their crypt building or their 322 logo. Thus,

he had to know that his address in New York had the same number as the most famous

secret society in the world located at a school that he held an important position in.

Cesar Pelli knows about masonic numerology. His PETRONAS TOWERS were the tallest

buildings in the world for a period of time. The spire is 33 feet taller than the Sears Tower

which is located in postal zip code 60606.  & Sears Zip at . Further the Sears Tower that his Petronas Towers ‘beat’ is located at address 233 -the inverse of his and Skull and Bones 322. coincidence?

Again it is inconceivable that Pelli does not know that 33 is the most important number in

Freemasonry or that the building he was striving to outdistance was located in said zip

code or that its address was a mirror image of his own and the logo of the skullsters.

Pelli does know about Feng Shui the chinese quasi-occult science of geomancy. He worked

on building a 322 meter  homesite or nest for an illuminati Li bloodline member

with a FENG SHUI MASTER . The master was needed to ward off aggressive energy from

the triangular Bank of China building. The B-of-C triangular building was designed by

I.M. Pei, the designer of many triangular structures including the pyramid at the Louvre

Museum made famous in the book and soon Tom Hanks-starring movie, The Da Vinci

Code. Pelli/Feng Shui Master/ Citic / Li Ka shing / Hong Kong. .

The Li Bloodline is Illuminati- & & .

Li Ka Shing runs the CITIC conglomerate and its headquarters is in Guangzhou. They have

a new skyscraper there. It is 322 meters tall- . The subsidiary of CITIC – CITIC Pacific has

a skyscraper in Hong Kong as well, it is 33 stories tall. . And , what about I.M. Pei?

Pei designed for Yale, the east wing of the  center for British Arts. . The paymaster for this was Paul

Mellon, the illuminati billionaire. & .

Mellon is headquartered in Pittsburgh whose ‘skyscraper section’ is known as ‘the Golden

Triangle’. .

Li Ka Shing is an alleged chinese Triad godfather. He would not

just trust anybody to design where he LIVES, particularly if he

is superstitious enough to hire a Feng Shui expert to design his

Skyscraper home – agreed? So he must trust Cesar Pelli, the

man with the 322 New York address that has a deep connection

to Yale , which is home to the 322 Skulking Boners.

Li Ka Shing – Triads at  & China is

bisected by the 33rd parallel. and China is

the home of the so-called Triads. .

I M Pei is of course from China and he loves triangles, pyramids and triangular buildings :

It is ironic that I M Pei is of chinese origin yet chose as his motif the triangle, which transforms the building as a whole into the form that brings bad feng .

Further, Mao was a Yalie: . The very building he

came up with to write ‘The Little Red Book’ was owned by Yale-In-China. Mao is the

world’s most prolific mass-murderer with an estimated 77 million deaths. This is fitting for

the employee and alumnus of an ‘educational entity’ that houses the Order Of Death.

Further: All US ambassadors to China (with a brief exception during the Jimmy Carter era)

are not just Yale….they must be Skull and Bones. & .

The Petronas Towers , the masterpiece of Cesar Pelli emanate from a portion of Kuala

Lumpur called – The Golden Triangle. . It should be noted that:

                                   666 is a Triangular Number

                             It is formed by ‘3’ other triangular numbers 15+21+630 .

Cesar Pelli was born on October 12. . On October 12 , the french senschals or Marshals opened their

orders to arrest all possible members of THE KNIGHT TEMPLARS and their GRANDMASTER

Jacques De Molay.  . On March

18 De Molay is burned at the stake. . It is known as De Molay Day.

The Iraq war begins on March 18 or De Molay Day by Skull and Bone member George

Bush. The date was planned in advance. .

President Bush announced the war’s beginning on March 19. If the reader may see the

just previous ‘bourbonstreet’ weblink , the reader may note that March 19 is MINERVA or

ATHENA day. The Hegelian society whose philosophy is the basis of the order of Skull and

Bones is Called THE OWL OF MINERVA. . The Owl of Minerva is link between ‘bones and Bohemian Grove network. .

Aleister Crowley was born on the same day as Cesar Pelli – October 12. . Crowley described himself as The Great Beast 666.

Cesar Pelli designed a building format with an OWL sculpture as a centerpiece. .

The building’s primary tenant was the law firm of Sidley, Austin , Brown and Wood LLP,

one of whose partners 1) went to U-Chicago (Rockefeller) ; 2) Yale Law school (Bones) &

is President of the DC Bar association (Washington DC of course , city created according

to a Freemasonic grid plan- ) & Owls and

triangles in the Layout of Washington, D.C. .

An attorney and Skull and Bones scion Roy Leslie Austin was appointed by George W.

Bush as US ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.’s_Bonesm.htm .

 Dear Reader: Since Pelli was paid large sums of money to work with this Feng Shui

master, it is inconceivable that he does not have an awareness of at least THE BELIEF in

numerology and other occultic practices related to architecture and IS WILLING TO


                           Additional evidence from CANARY WHARF IN LONDON, ENGLAND:

Cesar Pelli designed the Pyramid that is that tallest Building in the United Kingdom at

Canary Wharf. Thus, England is now UNDER THE PYRAMID OR TRIANGLE. There is an

alleged alignment between the Pyramidal temple at Canary Wharf and various Churches,

including the all important St. Paul’s Cathedral. This may have to do with the worship of a

‘Horned god’. . & Cesar Pelli/Pyramid at

Canary Wharf – . The pyramid is 130 feet tall – the ’13’ of course, the date of the Templar arrests from which

we get Friday The 13th. What the alignment-of-Canary-to-St.Paul’s folks have not seen is



Thus, the current occult geospatial alignment is merely, the culmination of a centuries long

process and not an aberration. . Sir

Christopher Wren was in fact the Grand Master of the Lodges before the “Great Revival”

of Freemasonry began in 1717. He had associates who loved pyramids and egyptian

scarabs helping him rebuild the Christian Churches and St. Paul’s Cathedral after the

1666 Great Fire. Sir Nicholas Hawkesmoore – “worshipped a god other than the one whom

his Churches have been dedicated to” .

thus…1. Satanists re-designed the most important churches in London … and 2.

Cesar Pelli finished the centuries long evil endeavour with his Canary Pyramid on

the wharf. The phenomenon of masons re-engineering Christian Churches is sadly not

confined to London. The famous St. Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry has a dragon in the

chalice said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ… a clear reference to the dragon

bloodline of the Illuminati. .

Dragon bloodline- The dragon bloodline may -repeat – may be associated with the Artemis

or Athena of the Owl, previously mentioned as ‘sacred’ to Skull and Bones and the

Bohemian Grovesters. St. Paul allegedly had serious problems with her followers in his

day. This may explain the Illuminati ‘need’ to burn his Cathedral and re-align and design it. . / . / The so

called dragon bloodline has a connection to the topic of bees or Merovingian bees.

This is interesting since Sir Basil Spence, the designer of the Coventry dragon church was

the designer of the BEEHIVE Building that is the seat of Government in New Zealand.



IT PLEASING TO CHINESE DEITIES- it even has a St. Paul’s Cathedral. There is also a

dragon path… . Even the redesign was imbued throughout with mystical signs from the orient.

The closest oriental mystic creature to the St. Paul Church in the New Zealand illuminati

complex is a GREEN DRAGON. – so we have a Green Dragon swimming in the blood of

Jesus Christ in St. Michael’s (the Archangel that defeats the dragon in the battle for

heaven) Cathedral in Coventry and this is “O.K.????”

St. Michael’s cathedral needed re-illuminati-engineering because it was bombed by the

Nazis and left in smouldering ruins. The nazis had an ally. The Japanese militarists , many

of whose members were black magic adepts belonging to The Green Dragon Society. .

The US Ambassador to Japan under Richard-I-am-not-a-crook Nixon in 1972-73 was Class of ’37 Yale alumni (skull and bones membership suspected – not proven) Robert S. Ingersoll. .

Cesar Pelli designed the US Embassy in Tokyo in 1973…and more – .

The site also notes he designed the headquarters for Nippon Telephone and Telegraph or

NTT. That company has now developed a device that can remotely control human beings

movements and actions. .

Tokyo will contain within itself a PYRAMID CITY by 2110. .

The number 322 appears in additional addresses or localities that have a sinister aura.

In fact the Tower of Terror in London is 31 stories and 322 feet tall. .

The Order of Death is absolutely evil , it will kill children with impunity. When it does so it

leaves its mark. 322 Dead in Russian Siege at Beslan… . Did you notice the marked lack of outrage by the Bush

administration and the US media in general?

The Q1 Tower in Queensland , Australia will be 322 meters tall.  It was designed by

Sunland Group. Sunland is in partnership to build a Versace casino in Dubai. .

Gianni Versace was murdered by a serial killer staying in room 322 of the Normandy

Hotel in Miami, Florida. The serial killer , Cunanan moved into the room just prior to the

killing. He loved the ocean view. . The Tudor Hotel describes

itself as a ‘gay’ accomodation establishment and lists a 322 unit next to the Versace Mansion… .

Princess Diana feared that those who killed Versace were also out to kill her. Just days ago

the laptop of the chief investigator into the inquiry was stolen…just days ago.. .

Pre-Conclusion: 1. It can be said without a doubt that Cesar Pelli is associated with

individuals that have to do with secret societies and the occult be it triads or Skull/bones.

                       2. He cannot help but know of these matters and thus could not possibly

not know of the odd similarity with his New York address and the most famous group on

the campus of the school that employed him as a DEAN of their architectural college.

                       3. Despite this bizarre coincidence if that is what it was he went forward

in setting up his office in New York at said address when there would be no shortage of

office space for someone of his stature and clout in the world of architecture.

                        ASSESSMENT- The selection of 322 as an office address was by design.

This then clues us into the following likely fact. The ‘322’ is a locality, a geographical site

or an edifice of some kind.

                     Further Inquiry into ‘322’:

The 32nd Parallel runs through Argentina , where Pelli was born on Aleister Crowley’s

birthday in the south. The 32nd runs through the USA and Texas in the North. Also in

the north it RUNS THROUGH IRAQ.

Are there any Cities in Iraq on latitude 32.2 N?

Answer: Yes/ There is one Al – Hillah located at 32.29 Latitude N. .

Al – Hillah is located in the southern part of Iraq in what was once the Babylonian empire.

Babylon was conquered by Alexander the Great. He is a “greek”. The year was 333 B.C.

The year he died was 322 B.C. .

Alexander became a ‘god’ and tried to rebuild the Tower of Babylon. Alexander believed he

was the son of Ammon a ram-horned egyptian oracle deity. The horned hoofed god looks

very similar to depictions of satan. . Alexander

promised to rebuild the ziggurat of Marduk or THE TOWER OF BABYLON so that Marduk

would not be angry with him. .

 The secret  society structure at Yale and at many US universities is based on the ‘greek’

lettered system. The members are known as ‘greeks’. Thus there is a greek element

without a doubt. The analogy of the ‘greeks’ (secret networks) conquer Babylon.

George W. Bush was raised in Midland , Texas. His father’s work ostensibly in the oil

business took him there. George H.W. Bush and his father Prescott Bush were of the

Skull-Bones clan as well. This is very well documented and does not need citations.

                          Thus, H.W. had to know that 322 was the number of his coven.

                          Being an oilman he had to know about latitude and longitude & maps.

The latitude of Midland , Texas is – of course – 32.02 N. Latitude. .

The Bush family stopped Saddam Hussein from rebuilding a replica of Babylon’s Tower.

“His future plans included a full scale reconstruction of the Tower of Babel.” . He failed because members of a club with # 322 stopped him.

Part of the story of the Tower is the creation of multiple languages instead of all humans

speaking one unknown tongue.

The Skull and Bones speak english. There are 322 million English speakers in

                                    the world today… .

Six miles southwest of Al Hillah are a series of very strange , large circular mounds. One

of them is called BIRS NIMROUD. The tower of Nimrod , the architect of the Tower itself.

The top looks like it has been hit by something explosive. The locals believe it is THE

tower of Babylon. If Hillah is at 32.29….then six miles southwest is moving at an angle

closer to latitude ’32’.              Thus BIRS NIMROUD IS AT 32.20 N. LATITUDE .

What Does This Mean? To answer the question it is necessary to first answer the

question what exactly was the Tower of Babylon?

         1. “The idea of a government that develops  apart from the revealed  will of God is manifested for the first time in the building at Babel.”

         2. “Nimrod is…the perfect picture of the Antichrist”

         3. “the king of babylon seeking to elevate himself to the status of a god”. .

The tower must be a device , relic , technological instrument or magickal tool that can be

used to turn a man into a ‘god’ and thus lead mankind into a GOVERNMENT apart and in

hostility to the revealed will of the God of the Bible. Thus, the Tower is the symbol and 


The September 11 attacks ushered in the excuse to retrieve or obtain the power of the

tower of Marduk. The current president’s father first spoke of the ‘need’ for a New World

Order on September 11, 1990.

The New World Order needs the technology of the tower. With it as YHWH himself said

“this is the beginning of what they can do, then nothing will be impossible for them” AND

“the humans wanted to be gods themselves” . Thus , the bones being a group

obviously devoted to seeking power have been seeking in fact the ultimate power. Their

entire mission is embodied in 322. To Replace the Governance of God with their own and

in the process to become ‘gods’ themselves using ancient technology or ‘magick’.

Many of the ancient sites of Iraq are guarded by the military and off limits to anyone. The

pentagon had experts provide them with PRECISE grid coordinates of all known sites of

antiquity. . Marines guard babylon . Marduk is

described as a monster having the head of dragon and tail of a snake. .

1. Massive Disappearance of looted objects from Iraq…where are they going? Not turning

up on black market. Big puzzle. .

Kellog Brown and Root are rooting under palaces in Babylon…head of Iraq Antiquities has

no idea why. Polish troops (riddled with Vatican/Opus Dei informers) guard areas off limits

to Iraqis. .

They are not just looking in Iraq. They are on a global quest for ancient power. NASA at the pyramids in Giza???

CONCLUSION: The number 666 is the ‘number of a man’. The so-called antichrist.

                      The number 322 is his Zip Code. This is the meaning of the logo of

the satanic organization that rules over us in a skeletocracy in drag as a democracy.

Cesar……thanks for giving me the key.

Cordially,           PH


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    … as good as done.

    Thanks for spilling the beans.


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  16. Mary Kay Says:

    32.2 lat and 32.2 long. Can this be the gate to the Bottomless Pit in which the beast will ascend? Just miles from Jerusalem. Co-incidence? Hmm.

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  19. roger randall Says:

    cesar peli designed the BOK Center in Tulsa Okla 322 e 3rd st is one of the corners of the property

  20. Novus Starman (@coastx) Says:

    Skull and Bones= base nine triptych encryption key:


    3> same 3 as in 322

    2> same 2 as in 322

    2> same 2 as in 322; femur confirms the code

    numeric sums also= base nine

  21. Novus Starman (@coastx) Says:


    • Sachin Says:

      I was born on 3-2-2 ie – 3 Feb 1991 ..1+9+9+1=20 ..2+0=2..But I love god so much and can’t see anyone in pain..I love humanity…How it’s evil??

  22. Nunz Says:

    Interesting article for sure. The satanic part of the Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Freemasons is false. Its a slight of hand. Check out new Atlantis page 322…Everything from the Royal Society to Bohemian grove revolves around Bacon. The disinformation you’ve been fed (we’ve all been fed) pulls us away from the simple truths. Where the number 33 originates from etc. Once the veil is lifted from your eyes its easily understandable that Satan, God, Jesus have nothing to do with it. If you were on the inside you would know this. Cheers.

  23. John Pasaya Says:

    Aw, this was a very nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and don’t seem to get anything done.|

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