Skull and Bones Designed US Supreme Court House Worships Death

March 12, 2006

   The United States is one of the few countries in the world that

has both legal abortion and legalized executions or the death

penalty in operation. Many countries have legalized abortion

such as Canada or Sweden. Other Countries may have the

death penalty such as Saudi Arabia or Jordan which executed 2

accused Al Qaeda members on this day. VERY FEW NATIONS


have both are usually Stalinistic in nature such as Cuba, China

and North Korea. Thus, the US Government and most of the

States that comprise the Union have legalized death penalties

and all States and the Federal Government have abortion legal.

All States that are intersected by the 33rd Parallel have both. . This article will attempt to explain WHY…

The very building in which the US Supreme Court convenes was ordered designed by a

scion of one of the founding families of the Skull and Bones Society.  Chief Justice William

Howard Taft, the only man to be President and Chief Justice in US history.

   The building had its cornerstone set on October 13, 1932

to the words “the Republic endures and this is the symbol of

it’s faith”… By Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes.  His mason Status is listed as “unknown”. .

   The October 13 date is important in that it is on that same date that George Washington set the cornerstone for the White House in an obviously Freemasonic

ceremony. . As is widely known to many, George Washington was a freemason. and also .

   Further, The October 13 date corresponds again as is well known to the “Friday the 13”

arrests of the Knight Templars and the Grand Master of the order Jacques De Molay. and .

   It can be said with a significant degree of logical clarity that with 1) skull and bones

requested design and 2) Masonic White House on October 13 and 3) Arrest of Knight

Templars on October 13 that *** Cornerstone laying at US Supreme Court Building on the date of October 13 was not a coincidence but according to Freemason design.

   The previous site notes that the inside of the US Supreme Court

was lined with WHITE OAK. This particular type of wood/tree has extensive magical or

occult links , uses and connotations. & & The tree in

which the wood was used to make the cross in which Jesus

was crucified was allegedly or legendarily the Evergreen Oak.

Thus it is considered Cursed. Oak groves are also considered to be connected to pathways to other realms. . As noted the

White Oak is sacred to the Druids and quasi-druid ceremonies are held at the conclave

each year at Bohemian Grove. . The Druids

practiced HUMAN SACRIFICE – “The sacrifice of First born children”…and “The occult roots of abortion”  and further- .

The Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion emanated from Dallas, Texas. .

Dallas of course is on the 33rd Parallel and is where the masonic human sacrifice of President Kennedy occurred.

The use of Human embryoes for experimentation is pushed very hard by the United Nations . .

Kofi Annan attended Mcalester College in Minnesota that flies the United Nations flag on Campus. An alumni of that school is described as having spent her career protecting

women’s rights even though in fact she has spent her career helping to sacrifice children to evil entities.

The Supreme Court buliding itself makes refernces to the Four elements Wind, Water, Fire and Earth of magic and pagan mythology. . The

official site also notes numerous historic figures with odd spiritual reputations such as Napoleon, Draco (from where the word draconian and Solon who invented the ancient

greek practice of adult male teachers having ‘gay’ affairs with their young male students- “The father of Pederastic Education Tradition- ).

THE DEATH PENALTY – It is widely known that this tradition continues in the United States and the reasons therefore have been previously discussed by this writer in the 33rd

Parallel article cited previously. The sad issue will not be re-addressed due to redundancy.

Currently there appears to be a growing Opus Dei takeover of the Supreme Court. .

CONCLUSION – A culture of death indeed. The death penalty human sacrifice continues

unabated into the new millenium. Torture is sanctified. Assisted suicide is now just fine.

Terri Schiavo was dehydrated to death. Abortions are expected to hit 50 MILLION this

year since 1973. It takes a lot of tonalli to appease the infernal entities and keep the

freemasonic enterprise “NUMBER ONE”. Tonalli was the energy the ‘gods’ of the Aztecs

had an insatiable thirst for which required endless human blood sacrifice. .

The US Supreme Court  continues to do its part to keep them ENERGIZED …


Skull and Bones ‘322’ Logo Meaning Finally Discovered?

February 19, 2006

   It is very well known that both President Bush and Senator

John Kerry both attended Yale University and became members

of The Skull and Bones Society. This will not require verification

because at present it is common knowledge.

   The Skull and Bones ‘logo’ for lack of a better word is shown

as follows:  The skull

with crossed thighbones with the ‘322’ underneath. The

true meaning is disguised by saying that it is Lodge 322.

There has NEVER been a single iota of evidence that another

321 at minimum , similar lodges exist or have ever existed.

There is also reference to Eulogia and an ancient greek poet

which, with no disrespect to the person who came up with

the hypothesis, is trite and simply does not add up when

compared to the evil this organization does and pursues.


   What else connected to Skull and Bones or for that matter Yale would have the 322

logo brand of evil?

Super Architect Cesar Pelli was the former dean of Yale College of Architecture and has

designed many buildings on the illuminati-riddled campus. . . Where is his main office Located?

   322 8th Avenue, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

The previous link discusses an award given to his firm by

the AIA. An association with apparent illuminati links as noted in : . That

article and the previous link noted that the University of Chicago was founded by the

royal family of the new world order in America, the Rockefellers. The aiany link regards

Pelli receiving their award done on U-Chicago Hyde Park Campus.

Esteemed Reader: It is inconceivable that Mr. Pelli , having been the Dean of Architecture

at Yale did not know of Skull and Bones or their crypt building or their 322 logo. Thus,

he had to know that his address in New York had the same number as the most famous

secret society in the world located at a school that he held an important position in.

Cesar Pelli knows about masonic numerology. His PETRONAS TOWERS were the tallest

buildings in the world for a period of time. The spire is 33 feet taller than the Sears Tower

which is located in postal zip code 60606.  & Sears Zip at . Further the Sears Tower that his Petronas Towers ‘beat’ is located at address 233 -the inverse of his and Skull and Bones 322. coincidence?

Again it is inconceivable that Pelli does not know that 33 is the most important number in

Freemasonry or that the building he was striving to outdistance was located in said zip

code or that its address was a mirror image of his own and the logo of the skullsters.

Pelli does know about Feng Shui the chinese quasi-occult science of geomancy. He worked

on building a 322 meter  homesite or nest for an illuminati Li bloodline member

with a FENG SHUI MASTER . The master was needed to ward off aggressive energy from

the triangular Bank of China building. The B-of-C triangular building was designed by

I.M. Pei, the designer of many triangular structures including the pyramid at the Louvre

Museum made famous in the book and soon Tom Hanks-starring movie, The Da Vinci

Code. Pelli/Feng Shui Master/ Citic / Li Ka shing / Hong Kong. .

The Li Bloodline is Illuminati- & & .

Li Ka Shing runs the CITIC conglomerate and its headquarters is in Guangzhou. They have

a new skyscraper there. It is 322 meters tall- . The subsidiary of CITIC – CITIC Pacific has

a skyscraper in Hong Kong as well, it is 33 stories tall. . And , what about I.M. Pei?

Pei designed for Yale, the east wing of the  center for British Arts. . The paymaster for this was Paul

Mellon, the illuminati billionaire. & .

Mellon is headquartered in Pittsburgh whose ‘skyscraper section’ is known as ‘the Golden

Triangle’. .

Li Ka Shing is an alleged chinese Triad godfather. He would not

just trust anybody to design where he LIVES, particularly if he

is superstitious enough to hire a Feng Shui expert to design his

Skyscraper home – agreed? So he must trust Cesar Pelli, the

man with the 322 New York address that has a deep connection

to Yale , which is home to the 322 Skulking Boners.

Li Ka Shing – Triads at  & China is

bisected by the 33rd parallel. and China is

the home of the so-called Triads. .

I M Pei is of course from China and he loves triangles, pyramids and triangular buildings :

It is ironic that I M Pei is of chinese origin yet chose as his motif the triangle, which transforms the building as a whole into the form that brings bad feng .

Further, Mao was a Yalie: . The very building he

came up with to write ‘The Little Red Book’ was owned by Yale-In-China. Mao is the

world’s most prolific mass-murderer with an estimated 77 million deaths. This is fitting for

the employee and alumnus of an ‘educational entity’ that houses the Order Of Death.

Further: All US ambassadors to China (with a brief exception during the Jimmy Carter era)

are not just Yale….they must be Skull and Bones. & .

The Petronas Towers , the masterpiece of Cesar Pelli emanate from a portion of Kuala

Lumpur called – The Golden Triangle. . It should be noted that:

                                   666 is a Triangular Number

                             It is formed by ‘3’ other triangular numbers 15+21+630 .

Cesar Pelli was born on October 12. . On October 12 , the french senschals or Marshals opened their

orders to arrest all possible members of THE KNIGHT TEMPLARS and their GRANDMASTER

Jacques De Molay.  . On March

18 De Molay is burned at the stake. . It is known as De Molay Day.

The Iraq war begins on March 18 or De Molay Day by Skull and Bone member George

Bush. The date was planned in advance. .

President Bush announced the war’s beginning on March 19. If the reader may see the

just previous ‘bourbonstreet’ weblink , the reader may note that March 19 is MINERVA or

ATHENA day. The Hegelian society whose philosophy is the basis of the order of Skull and

Bones is Called THE OWL OF MINERVA. . The Owl of Minerva is link between ‘bones and Bohemian Grove network. .

Aleister Crowley was born on the same day as Cesar Pelli – October 12. . Crowley described himself as The Great Beast 666.

Cesar Pelli designed a building format with an OWL sculpture as a centerpiece. .

The building’s primary tenant was the law firm of Sidley, Austin , Brown and Wood LLP,

one of whose partners 1) went to U-Chicago (Rockefeller) ; 2) Yale Law school (Bones) &

is President of the DC Bar association (Washington DC of course , city created according

to a Freemasonic grid plan- ) & Owls and

triangles in the Layout of Washington, D.C. .

An attorney and Skull and Bones scion Roy Leslie Austin was appointed by George W.

Bush as US ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.’s_Bonesm.htm .

 Dear Reader: Since Pelli was paid large sums of money to work with this Feng Shui

master, it is inconceivable that he does not have an awareness of at least THE BELIEF in

numerology and other occultic practices related to architecture and IS WILLING TO


                           Additional evidence from CANARY WHARF IN LONDON, ENGLAND:

Cesar Pelli designed the Pyramid that is that tallest Building in the United Kingdom at

Canary Wharf. Thus, England is now UNDER THE PYRAMID OR TRIANGLE. There is an

alleged alignment between the Pyramidal temple at Canary Wharf and various Churches,

including the all important St. Paul’s Cathedral. This may have to do with the worship of a

‘Horned god’. . & Cesar Pelli/Pyramid at

Canary Wharf – . The pyramid is 130 feet tall – the ’13’ of course, the date of the Templar arrests from which

we get Friday The 13th. What the alignment-of-Canary-to-St.Paul’s folks have not seen is



Thus, the current occult geospatial alignment is merely, the culmination of a centuries long

process and not an aberration. . Sir

Christopher Wren was in fact the Grand Master of the Lodges before the “Great Revival”

of Freemasonry began in 1717. He had associates who loved pyramids and egyptian

scarabs helping him rebuild the Christian Churches and St. Paul’s Cathedral after the

1666 Great Fire. Sir Nicholas Hawkesmoore – “worshipped a god other than the one whom

his Churches have been dedicated to” .

thus…1. Satanists re-designed the most important churches in London … and 2.

Cesar Pelli finished the centuries long evil endeavour with his Canary Pyramid on

the wharf. The phenomenon of masons re-engineering Christian Churches is sadly not

confined to London. The famous St. Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry has a dragon in the

chalice said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ… a clear reference to the dragon

bloodline of the Illuminati. .

Dragon bloodline- The dragon bloodline may -repeat – may be associated with the Artemis

or Athena of the Owl, previously mentioned as ‘sacred’ to Skull and Bones and the

Bohemian Grovesters. St. Paul allegedly had serious problems with her followers in his

day. This may explain the Illuminati ‘need’ to burn his Cathedral and re-align and design it. . / . / The so

called dragon bloodline has a connection to the topic of bees or Merovingian bees.

This is interesting since Sir Basil Spence, the designer of the Coventry dragon church was

the designer of the BEEHIVE Building that is the seat of Government in New Zealand.



IT PLEASING TO CHINESE DEITIES- it even has a St. Paul’s Cathedral. There is also a

dragon path… . Even the redesign was imbued throughout with mystical signs from the orient.

The closest oriental mystic creature to the St. Paul Church in the New Zealand illuminati

complex is a GREEN DRAGON. – so we have a Green Dragon swimming in the blood of

Jesus Christ in St. Michael’s (the Archangel that defeats the dragon in the battle for

heaven) Cathedral in Coventry and this is “O.K.????”

St. Michael’s cathedral needed re-illuminati-engineering because it was bombed by the

Nazis and left in smouldering ruins. The nazis had an ally. The Japanese militarists , many

of whose members were black magic adepts belonging to The Green Dragon Society. .

The US Ambassador to Japan under Richard-I-am-not-a-crook Nixon in 1972-73 was Class of ’37 Yale alumni (skull and bones membership suspected – not proven) Robert S. Ingersoll. .

Cesar Pelli designed the US Embassy in Tokyo in 1973…and more – .

The site also notes he designed the headquarters for Nippon Telephone and Telegraph or

NTT. That company has now developed a device that can remotely control human beings

movements and actions. .

Tokyo will contain within itself a PYRAMID CITY by 2110. .

The number 322 appears in additional addresses or localities that have a sinister aura.

In fact the Tower of Terror in London is 31 stories and 322 feet tall. .

The Order of Death is absolutely evil , it will kill children with impunity. When it does so it

leaves its mark. 322 Dead in Russian Siege at Beslan… . Did you notice the marked lack of outrage by the Bush

administration and the US media in general?

The Q1 Tower in Queensland , Australia will be 322 meters tall.  It was designed by

Sunland Group. Sunland is in partnership to build a Versace casino in Dubai. .

Gianni Versace was murdered by a serial killer staying in room 322 of the Normandy

Hotel in Miami, Florida. The serial killer , Cunanan moved into the room just prior to the

killing. He loved the ocean view. . The Tudor Hotel describes

itself as a ‘gay’ accomodation establishment and lists a 322 unit next to the Versace Mansion… .

Princess Diana feared that those who killed Versace were also out to kill her. Just days ago

the laptop of the chief investigator into the inquiry was stolen…just days ago.. .

Pre-Conclusion: 1. It can be said without a doubt that Cesar Pelli is associated with

individuals that have to do with secret societies and the occult be it triads or Skull/bones.

                       2. He cannot help but know of these matters and thus could not possibly

not know of the odd similarity with his New York address and the most famous group on

the campus of the school that employed him as a DEAN of their architectural college.

                       3. Despite this bizarre coincidence if that is what it was he went forward

in setting up his office in New York at said address when there would be no shortage of

office space for someone of his stature and clout in the world of architecture.

                        ASSESSMENT- The selection of 322 as an office address was by design.

This then clues us into the following likely fact. The ‘322’ is a locality, a geographical site

or an edifice of some kind.

                     Further Inquiry into ‘322’:

The 32nd Parallel runs through Argentina , where Pelli was born on Aleister Crowley’s

birthday in the south. The 32nd runs through the USA and Texas in the North. Also in

the north it RUNS THROUGH IRAQ.

Are there any Cities in Iraq on latitude 32.2 N?

Answer: Yes/ There is one Al – Hillah located at 32.29 Latitude N. .

Al – Hillah is located in the southern part of Iraq in what was once the Babylonian empire.

Babylon was conquered by Alexander the Great. He is a “greek”. The year was 333 B.C.

The year he died was 322 B.C. .

Alexander became a ‘god’ and tried to rebuild the Tower of Babylon. Alexander believed he

was the son of Ammon a ram-horned egyptian oracle deity. The horned hoofed god looks

very similar to depictions of satan. . Alexander

promised to rebuild the ziggurat of Marduk or THE TOWER OF BABYLON so that Marduk

would not be angry with him. .

 The secret  society structure at Yale and at many US universities is based on the ‘greek’

lettered system. The members are known as ‘greeks’. Thus there is a greek element

without a doubt. The analogy of the ‘greeks’ (secret networks) conquer Babylon.

George W. Bush was raised in Midland , Texas. His father’s work ostensibly in the oil

business took him there. George H.W. Bush and his father Prescott Bush were of the

Skull-Bones clan as well. This is very well documented and does not need citations.

                          Thus, H.W. had to know that 322 was the number of his coven.

                          Being an oilman he had to know about latitude and longitude & maps.

The latitude of Midland , Texas is – of course – 32.02 N. Latitude. .

The Bush family stopped Saddam Hussein from rebuilding a replica of Babylon’s Tower.

“His future plans included a full scale reconstruction of the Tower of Babel.” . He failed because members of a club with # 322 stopped him.

Part of the story of the Tower is the creation of multiple languages instead of all humans

speaking one unknown tongue.

The Skull and Bones speak english. There are 322 million English speakers in

                                    the world today… .

Six miles southwest of Al Hillah are a series of very strange , large circular mounds. One

of them is called BIRS NIMROUD. The tower of Nimrod , the architect of the Tower itself.

The top looks like it has been hit by something explosive. The locals believe it is THE

tower of Babylon. If Hillah is at 32.29….then six miles southwest is moving at an angle

closer to latitude ’32’.              Thus BIRS NIMROUD IS AT 32.20 N. LATITUDE .

What Does This Mean? To answer the question it is necessary to first answer the

question what exactly was the Tower of Babylon?

         1. “The idea of a government that develops  apart from the revealed  will of God is manifested for the first time in the building at Babel.”

         2. “Nimrod is…the perfect picture of the Antichrist”

         3. “the king of babylon seeking to elevate himself to the status of a god”. .

The tower must be a device , relic , technological instrument or magickal tool that can be

used to turn a man into a ‘god’ and thus lead mankind into a GOVERNMENT apart and in

hostility to the revealed will of the God of the Bible. Thus, the Tower is the symbol and 


The September 11 attacks ushered in the excuse to retrieve or obtain the power of the

tower of Marduk. The current president’s father first spoke of the ‘need’ for a New World

Order on September 11, 1990.

The New World Order needs the technology of the tower. With it as YHWH himself said

“this is the beginning of what they can do, then nothing will be impossible for them” AND

“the humans wanted to be gods themselves” . Thus , the bones being a group

obviously devoted to seeking power have been seeking in fact the ultimate power. Their

entire mission is embodied in 322. To Replace the Governance of God with their own and

in the process to become ‘gods’ themselves using ancient technology or ‘magick’.

Many of the ancient sites of Iraq are guarded by the military and off limits to anyone. The

pentagon had experts provide them with PRECISE grid coordinates of all known sites of

antiquity. . Marines guard babylon . Marduk is

described as a monster having the head of dragon and tail of a snake. .

1. Massive Disappearance of looted objects from Iraq…where are they going? Not turning

up on black market. Big puzzle. .

Kellog Brown and Root are rooting under palaces in Babylon…head of Iraq Antiquities has

no idea why. Polish troops (riddled with Vatican/Opus Dei informers) guard areas off limits

to Iraqis. .

They are not just looking in Iraq. They are on a global quest for ancient power. NASA at the pyramids in Giza???

CONCLUSION: The number 666 is the ‘number of a man’. The so-called antichrist.

                      The number 322 is his Zip Code. This is the meaning of the logo of

the satanic organization that rules over us in a skeletocracy in drag as a democracy.

Cesar……thanks for giving me the key.

Cordially,           PH

Satanic 333 Skyscrapers Look Down on Useless Feeders and Slaves

February 11, 2006

President George W. Bush recently gave a speech about the 2002 alleged terror plot on

the “Library Tower” skyscraper in Los Angeles. This appears to be a good point to begin.

The name has been changed now for several years, it is now called the U.S. Bank Tower.

The address is numbered 633. It was designed by I.M. Pei the architect responsible for

the Louvre Pyramid made famous by the Da Vinci Code and other odd buildings that will be noted in this article.

Virtually all of the tallest buildings in most US cities appear to have

illuminati/masonic/pagan numerology in their address, design , number of floors or all of

the above. & 

Los Angeles is permeated with evil /numerology numbered skyscrapers including BP Plaza

at 333 S. Hope, also 555, 777, and more. See Laalmanac link above.

As noted in ‘Antichrist Architecture Spreads Across The

Globe’ “33” or other permutations are symbols of the Freemasons and the 1/3 or .3333

into infinity represents the third of the angels that rebelled against God and tried to take

Heaven by Storm. The super tall and always TALLEST buildings are a 3-d architectural

commemoration of that event.

1. Marriot Hotels: Los Angeles address : 333 South Figuroa St. .

New York Brooklyn Bridge 333 Adams –

San Diego, California 333 West Harbor Drive (pls google all future Marriot sites if in doubt)

Courtyard by Marriot 333 E. Jefferson Avenue Detroit. Michigan.

This list of 333 hotels is by no means exhaustive…it is only a sampling.




The Marriot Corporation is run by Mormons and is a big player in the For-Profit Prison

“industry” in the United States. .

2. “Batman” skyscraper in Nashville , Tennessee 33 stories located on street address

333 Commerce Street. . Tallest Building in State of Tennessee.

Nashville, Tennesse is replete with occult architecture, in fact you can even take a tour and

see it. Some of it is allegedly linked to monuments made by Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

In fact you can tour ‘Stargate Park’ there. .

3. Honolulu , Hawaii – 999 Bishop Street – First Hawaiian Bank

( turn ‘9’s upside down for meaning) and 3 x 333. . Who owns First Hawaiian , the proud resident of the tallest building in the islands? Bank of The West. Who owns Bank of the West?

BNP-PARIBAS, the so-called Oil-For-Food Bank, called by some Saddam’s ATM.

Hussein handpicked the bank to do the business ‘administered’ by the UN. . Who runs BNP-Paribas ? The sinister Power Corp. of

Montreal , Canada, led by the Desmarais clan. They are based in Montreal, Canada. .

4. Montreal , Tallest building- It is of course capped with a pyramid. .

5. Tallest (planned)  Building in Canada:

333 Bay Street Tower – main partner is Donald Trump…

Another ‘333’ building in Toronto is the Sun Media newspaper home, 333 King Street.

(i.e.; ‘666’ is King for numerology purposes). It is owned by Quebecor. . On the board of Quebecor sits Brian Mulroney , former leader of Canada.

The previous Bio lists him as being on the board of TRIZEC properties which manages the

Sear’s Tower in Chicago in Zip Code 60606.  In fact do the numerology yourself on all the offices for Trizec listed in the link…some are very obvious.

Mr. Mulroney was an attorney for the previously noted POWER CORPORATION which

ultimately controls the 999 Building in Hawaii. .

6. New York & New Jersey:

The Donald aka Donald Trump also has a connection to another 333-linked architect in said area – .

7. The Donald , The Sheikh and the Wahabbi Eiffel Tower:

A Minneapolis architectural firm received a call from one of the world’s richest men, Saudi

Prince Bin Talal (for short). He wanted to build the arab Eiffel Tower.  The Tower will have 3.3 million feet of space, the meeting to discuss this took place on the Prince’s 333-foot Yacht which he purchased from DONALD TRUMP…

The article also says the Saudi Eiffel enthusiast owns a large part of CITICORP. It has a

333 Building as well – .

Also the CitiBank Tower in the Phillipines – 33 stories tall. .

8. The Saudi Prince has competition and LOTS OF IT in DUBAI:

An underwater hotel that will have a 333,333 square foot above water station, and a jellyfish-shaped residence structure 833,333 square feet in size. .

World Trade Center Hotel has 333 rooms.

Towers Rotana Hotel also has 333 rooms.

The recently approved Park Square Tower in Dubai will be exactly 666 meters tall. . In fact Dubai itself is covered with pyramid or

triangular topped buildings. See previous link for skyline view.

9. Minneapolis- A 33 story Accenture Tower capped with a black pyramid. Accenture is what used to be Arthur Andersen, you remember ,the accounting giant that cooked books for Enron. .

ACCENTURE is now our ‘big brother on the virtual border’- . and .

Arthur Andersen was headquartered in ‘666’ riddled Chicago at 33 W. Monroe. . (see candlelight link above for extensive chicago info).

President Monroe was a freemason. .

10.Des Moines , Iowa:  801 Grand Avenue, tallest building in the State is topped by an

Eight sided pyramid… . There is a club inside

that is exclusive. It is named the Embassy Club. It has now merged with the Des Moines

Club as the two most exclusive dining establishments in the city. The Des Moines club is

located in 666 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa. . The place is known as the Ruan Center.

11.Portland Oregon is also under the pyramid.  The TV station KOIN center is located at 222 S.W. Columbia.

Columbia is a masonic goddess. . George Washington was the master of Lodge 22, in Alexandria , Virginia. This is where we get

Washington District of COLUMBIA, the COLUMBIA shuttle, the nation of COLUMBIA,

British COLUMBIA, COLUMBIA River in Oregon, etc….

12. Cleveland under the pyramid.

13. San Antonio under the pyramid.

14. Austin, Texas under the 33 story pyramid. .

13 were murdered by a sniper on the University of Texas Tower…  Austin is founded by Freemasons and is in alignment – latitudinal – with the pyramid of Giza. .

15. Dallas City Hall is an inverted pyramid created by I.M. Pei the designer of the Da Vinci Code Pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris. .

In Boston, I.M. Pei designed an 85-foot ‘normal’ not inverted pyramid for the JFK Presidential Library. The inverted pyramid has occult connotations as does the normal set

pyramid. . The two pyramids, one inverted, one not put together put together a Star of David or Sexagram or Solomon’s shield.

The JFK library is in Columbia Point as noted in the previous link. One pyramid upside down where JFK died , one right side up where he was born, both by I.M. Pei…coincidence?

16. Columbine High School massacre: 13 killed there. One girl that was murdered had been involved in the occult, she turned away and accepted Jesus. Part of what happened may have been revenge for doing so.

In nearby Englewood, an Obelisk has appeared. .

17. Tallest Building in NORTH KOREA IS A PYRAMID: It’s height is 330 meters. .

18. The leader of the Freemasonic experiment known as the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA and 18,000 that died under the cross-bones, 13 pentagram banner of the slave states, Jefferson Davis also lies under the shadow of the pyramid. Hollywood Cemetery , Richmond Virginia…the pyramid is haunted.

19. Transamerica Building,pyramid, Tallest Building in San Francisco, California needs no weblink.

20. San Diego, California: Under a huge pyramid overlooking Catholic architecture. .

21. Albuquerque, New Mexico, home state of the atomic bomb and Roswell UFO site.

Marriot has a pyramid there… Look at the address and the phone numbers, a numerology Ph.d is not needed to make out that all of the numbers add up to ‘6’s.

Tallest Building??? Twin Pyramids of course and address? 201 or ‘3’ located of course on THIRD street. . The freemasonic ’33’.

The Governor of New Mexico is certiable illuminati. Bill Richardson. He invites the Oil for food bank / Saddam’s favorite ATM into the State…”it operates in…New Mexico as Bank of the West”.   

Bill Richardson is a Kissinger Stooge. .

22. Henry Moore , famous sculptor has his work in the inverted pyramid in Dallas as noted

in the sites on that issue. He also has a sculpture commemorating the nuclear chain reaction created at the Illuminati/Rockefeller University of Chicago. This is where the nuclear age of death began. THE SCULPTURE REPRESENTS THE CHAIN REACTION TO THE MINUTE…WHAT WAS THE MINUTE 3:36 P.M. .

Hiroshima is also ‘commemorated’ by Henry Moore…an arch , a symbol sacred to

the freemasons. . The arch marks their first kill with the power unleashed at 3:36 P. M. in Illuminati Illinois. The Arch : .

23. Fentress Bradburn creators of illuminati DIA or Denver International Airport do business in Doha , Qatar with Turner Construction, a name that comes up a lot on these

projects. In Doha, they designed a triangular hotel to go with a triangular boat marina. .

Turner Construction does a lot of work… A LOT OF WORK… a the heartland of skull and bones society…YALE UNIVERSITY. .

Dear Esteemed Reader, it is obvious that something odd is going on….The Illuminati are like dogs, they are marking their territory, the whole planet.

Unlike regular dogs marking their spot by urinating on fire hydrants, the three headed cerberus dogs of the illuminati are standing on top of their skyscraper ‘fire hydrants’ and are urinating on us.

It is time for all of us useless feeders and slaves to 1. UNITE 2. REVOLT and 3. Do like Nancy Reagan said and “just say NO”. NO to the lies, no to the march to death.

CORDIALLY  PH…pls post as a free public service.



Antichrist Architecture Spreads Across The Globe

January 30, 2006

 From The Windy City To The Vatican evidence mounts of Satanic building Boom

The Evidence:

1. The Bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was

a horrible event that saw an edifice targeted by McVeigh and his

associates that they knew contained children. This article will 

not reiterate the numerous accounts and volumes of evidence

that the conspiracy to do this went beyond two men and that

the Federal Government was involved in either the act itself, the

allowing of the act to occur or a coverup of the aftermath that

allowed other perpetrators to escape or otherwise go free. 

This Article will attempt to provide the reader as to WHY this

horrific event  happened based on connecting-the-evil-dots.

1. There is another Federal Courthouse in Oklahoma besides

OKC, it is in Tulsa. The address is : 333 West Fourth Street.

2. There is a Federal Courthouse in Albuquerque , New Mexico.

The Address is: 333 Lomas Blvd. N.W.

3. There is now a brand new Courthouse , the first designed

to the new bombproof standards made ‘necessary’ by the

‘domestic terrorism’ at OKC in Las Vegas, Nevada… The

address is: 333 South Las Vegas Blvd.

4. All three ‘333’ Courthouses are located in fairly close latitude

geospatial alignment. Tulsa is located at: N. 36.12

                               Las Vegas located at: N. 36.10

                               Albuquerque located at: N. 35.50

The reader is advised to “google” this information or look at a

map to verify the accuracy of this information if needed.

Thus , the State in which the OKC blast created a ‘need’ for new

Court and Federal buildings had a Court with an important

masonic number for an address that survived unscathed and

the first Court created out of this ‘need’ happens to be in direct

geospatial alignment to AND have the same ‘333’ address.


There is another federal courthouse this one located in

Washington, D.C. that also has the freemasonic number ‘333’

for an address. It is located at: 333 Constitution Avenue NW.

George Washington as is now well known was a freemason and

has a Statue on Shooter’s Hill near the nation’s capital. . The

statue is 333 feet tall.

The number 333 has a sinister significance:

“occultists have used 333 as the hidden symbol by which they

present the more offensive number 666”. . .

Three Courthouses in near alignment (the two most important

for the analysis in exact alignment) equals 333 x 3 or 999. . 999 = 666 for

occultist as far as numerology goes. & .

The jury that presented an award for design to the Las Vegas

Court building which has one huge column at the entrance said:

“The giant articulated column is a powerful totem that will no

doubt become the Courthouse’s signature in a city of signs and

symbols.” .

The architect is named Mehrdad Yazdani. He is as the name

implies of Iranian heritage. Without meaning insult, his last name

“Yazdani” is the name of a religion in that region that worships

Lucifer as a deity…no….this is not a joke. & .

So: In Las Vegas we have Sin City + Lucifer worship last-named

architect of a Federal Courthouse with a “Totem Pole” , whose

address is ‘333’ in alignment with two other courthouses also

numbered ‘333’ and it is the first one built due to the need

caused by Oklahoma City mass murder that has never been

appropriately explained and looks more and more like an inside

job. None of this is ‘theory’ or ‘conspiracy theory’. This is all

easily verifiable FACT. Reader…is this also coincidence???

Further, The Las Vegas Courthouse is named after lloyd George,

currently the highest ranking federal judge in Nevada. He is a

mormon as is virtually everyone who works in that Court. The

governmental figure largely behind the need to redesign and

build the federal courthouse buildings is Leonidas Mecham who

very recentlly retired after decades in charge of administering

the courts. He is also a high ranking mormon. .

Recently, Mecham took part in a ceremony honoring Justice

Thurgood Marshall, himself a freemason and FBI informant. . & Mecham

was acting in essence as a master spy on the very judges

whose court system he is to be administering. “Judges:

Don’t monitor our computers”,1283,45936,00.html . The

article noting this came out on 08-08-2001. The meeting set

to discuss the issue never occured because it was set for

September 11, 2001. / Thurgood Marshall – mason at .  FBI snitch-

“FBI files: Thurgood Marshall passed info to agency”

The huge 175 foot tall single pillar has freemasonic significance.

It is described as a “totem” by the award givers. A totem pole is

a religious symbol for various indian / native american tribes in

North Western USA and Canada. It is made out of wood or in

other words a tree. In freemasonry and the ancient religion of

Pharaonic egypt , the god Osiris is trapped in a wooden coffin

which grows into a huge tree. The tree symbol gradually became

in architecture a pillar. It is depicted as a single huge tree that

holds up the roof of a building , palace or temple. It is called a

Djed Pillar. The single column is thus a symbol of the

religion of ancient egypt which the freemasons practice in

various forms. The symbol of the djed pillar is the Lotus

or Fleur-de-Lis which has 3 strands or leaves. Thus ‘333’ = .

See: . “Pompey’s Pillar” shows a

depiction right out of Las Vegas at present. The huge single

column and a sphinx located at the nearby Luxor Casino.

The Djed pillar is used in egyptian magical ceremonies: . .

Of important and very sinister note is that master satanist &

the highest ranking freemason at the time Albert Pike openly

worshipped Osiris and said so in his book Morals

And Dogma. SEE: .

When one combines this with the alignment, ‘333’ and how

all of this came about in Sin City as a result of a massacre

involving children in Oklahoma City. A logical conclusion is

that these edifices are being dedicated or rededicated to evil as

part of a desecration of monuments to the law serving God

to monuments serving his adversary. In effect, architectural

‘black mass’ in three-dimensional form.

The New “Freedom Tower” in New York is to be 1776 feet in

height. It too will be a huge pillar. The 1776 date coincides

with the USA’s Independence but also with the May 1 start

of the Illuminati. . However there is not sufficient

evidence with just those two facts that the Freedom Tower is a djed pillar…only that the

matter needs to be watched carefully.

Other Federal Courthouses/Buildings:

1. Lafayette , Louisiana:

A new Courthouse with female heads with the top of the skull

missing called “urns of Justice” An urn as all of you know is a

receptacle for ashes of the dead. See photo on web link: . The City is named

after the Marquis De Lafayette a freemason whose name is

synonymous with strange disasters.  The City of Lafayette ,

Louisiana is located on the 30th parallel in direct alignment with

Death row Louisiana, Texas and Florida and across the sea with

the freemasonic icon of the Great pyramid of Giza.

The 333 Courthouse in Washington D.C. is between the Capitol

building and the White House. It will have an annex that

resembles a series of beehives. (To this writer) .

The Architect for the 333 annex is Michael Graves. Again

a designer with an interesting last name. He built the scaffolding

for the masonic/illuminati Washington Monument (different than

the Masonic monument for Washington) and has designed

kitchenware for Target stores that has kicked out Salvation

Army bellringers at Christmas while doing business with China

that has an official policy of “strangling the baby in the manger”

in regards to Christianity. See: .

This cite also indicates he has designed a building for the World

Bank in Washington, D.C. and the Disney Corporation in

Burbank , California. Walt Disney was an Arch-mason. Mr.

Graves is also to redesign the Bund building in Shanghai, China.

Corroboration for the above:

The World Bank’s International Finance Center. President of one

is president of the other. Thus, currently it is neocon Paul

Wolfowitz. The IFC is enmeshed in a lot of controversy.

The address for this new building adds up to ‘666’. 2121 Pennsylvania Ave.NW, Washington DC 20433. 2+1+2+1=6 

2+4=6 and 3+3= 6. Various combinations of “33” are also

easy to discern.

Disney –


Underground tunnels in the amusement park?

Want to join Disney’s “Club 33” ? Look at the address- .

Washington Monument – Obelisk is from the babylonian mystery religion – & .

2. The new Courthouse in Buffalo , New York is very

controversial and is across the street from an obelisk

commemorating the death of President McKinley who was


The architects for the proposed Buffalo Court are also responsible for the World Bank

Headquarters building. This is located two blocks from the

White House in a new 13 -thirteen- story building made by

Kohn Pederson Fox Associates. . See –

Kohn and Buffalo Court – .

3. Chicago: 666 Capital of America

Kohn also designed an odd tower in Chicago. It has 5 glass cylinders at the top which are

similar to the “UniSource Energy Tower” in Tucson, Arizona that will be discussed infra in

this article. The Chicago building is the eleventh tallest building in the world ; the address

is “311” Wacker Drive, the same date as the Madrid Train bombing which happened 911

days after “9-11” and it is located in zip code “60606”. Needless to say 3 x 11 = 33.

The 333 symbology or 33 as well is believed to be reminiscent of the .333 or one/third decimal as a symbol for

the one-third of the angels that rebelled against God and

sided with Lucifer when he attempted to take ‘heaven by

storm’. See Chicago/Fox – . And

333 associated with fallen angel /demonic beings at: . and a listing of the

hierarchy of hell at .

The number 333 also comes up in websites outright dedicated to evil (writer does not

recommend going to these sites) eg;

also- .

Also of note is the strange looking 333 Wacker Drive building in Chicago area code 60606

(of course). This movie is the background for the Batman movies and has a base or

foundation in the form of an “X” which is very unusual. This

letter can be seen in Skull and Bones, the pirates, Knight

Templar’s and The Jesuit Order. . Most of

the buildings used in the filiming of Batman were in Chicago in zip code or adjacent to

60606. The building at 123 Wacker (another play on ’33’) features a building with a

pyramid at the top. .

The 333 West Wacker Drive Building (it has no other name, only the number) made the

Kohn Pederson Fox firm famous. . It has 36

Floors. The KPF firm designed the largest skyscraper in Europe until 1997 in Frankfurt,

Germany. The building known as the Messeturm has a pyramid on the top. . Frankfurt , Germany is located at N. 50.02

latitude. The latitude of Auschwitz-Birkenau is (for the main gate) 50.03. Jews died by

the millions (along with others that suffered equally but are largely forgotten) in the

death camps in alignment with the Messeturm pyramid and jews died (according to the

myth of their construction) building the pyramids in egypt. Another coincidence?

A similar-designed pyramid topped-building is in Atlanta , Georgia on the 33rd parallel. .

The Bank of America pyramid ‘temple’ is replete with multiples and references to the

number ‘3’ or ‘9’ including having its 90 foot high spire’s 405 square feet covered with gold leaf. It is the tallest building in any USA capital city and the tallest in the former

Confederate States of America of whose army Albert Pike

led as a General.

The famous architect Frank lloyd Wright was connected to the

occultist Gurdjieff, an adept of the left-hand path. Mr. Wright

created a lot of odd structures in the Chicago area including a

‘333’ house. In fact several addresses begin with 333. The one  that had solely that

number burned in a fire which was an oddly repetitive occurence in his buidlings. . In fact one just burnt down a few days ago…1-9-06. & &

Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass at the illuminati linked

O’Hare Airport seem to incorporate some bizarre maya

acoustic technology that he may have learned from a visit to

a site in Palenque. . Also- .

The site in Palenque has a sarcophagus of a king discovered on a temple covered with a

pyramid that a soviet scientists thought showed an ancient astronaut in a spacecraft. .

Frank Lloyd Wright also built a “controversial” church or Unity Temple in Chicago. The

photos show what appears to be Djed pillars. . Some believe that the Unitarians are a

cult. .


                     CHICAGO IS REPLETE WITH 666 LOGOS:

O’Hare Airport, the busiest in the world along with much of the

City is located in ZIP CODE 60666 and is at an altitude of

666 feet. .& (zip code 60666).

As noted, the Sears Tower is in zip code 60606. If you want to call, many numbers for the windy city have the prefix  ‘666’. .

The owner of the Twin Towers has now purchased

the Sears Tower (how nice…) .

The number one theme of ‘sex, drugs, rock and roll’ is sex and nothing brought that

about more than Playboy Magazine based in Chicago. From 1926 until 1988 680 N. Lake

Shore Drive was 666 N. Lake Shore Drive. In 1989 Playboy Enterprises moved into the

building. The building has a bizzare blue pyramid on the roof as is so often the case with

this theme: . Is it possible that the

move into this building is a coincidence? With all of the problems the Playboy “business”  matter has

had with the powerful religious community in this country, the company would choose

THAT BUILDING in all of Chicago to move into? This can only be seen as by design. The

building had that number for 62 years and only God knows what could have been going

on in there. If the move was by design it can only be for an evil purpose. Disagree? The

icon of Playboy was a white rabbit. There is a ‘White Rabbit Cult” which may still exist

today that is totally evil. and a rabbit’s foot is an occult charm.’s_foot . The women of Playboy were Rabbits -bunnies. An animal known for frenetic

sexual activity and a symbol in babylon of the evil deity baal

and the “prostitute of babylon”. .

The layout of O’Hare Airport appears to be masonic in nature:’Hare_International_Airport .The large triangle formed by

runways is visible. Also: a) to get there you must go on “I-190 (“9-11” in reverse) and –

                                   b) Exit from I-90 , the Kennedy Expressway named after the masonic murdered President Kennedy. .

                                   c) The largest single aircraft deadly accident in US aviation history occurred when flight American Airlines Flight 191crashed in takeoff for Los Angeles.

                                    d) On 9/11 American Airlines flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the WTC with 92 (9+1+1) people on board…headed for Los Angeles. .

The City was founded on 8-12-1833 or 8+12=21 or ‘3’ and 18 = 1+8=9 or three ‘3’s and of course the ’33’.

The land mass in square miles is 606.1 or “13” and it is the

birthplace of the Skyscraper. . The analogy

between a skyscraper and the tower of babylon is easy to make. Thus the modern day

tower of babylon was started at altitude 666 in what would be zip code 60606.

The inventor of the zip code was Robert Moon , a postal employee that once worked as a

postal inspector in Chicago and is given credit by the postal service for the first three

digits of the zip code. His obituary was published on Friday, April 13, 2001. .

The planned Fordham Spire will be the world’s tallest building

and is shaped in a long twisting format. The architect ,

Calatrava, from Spain has likened the design to a sequoia

tree or a human torso or a whisp of smoke from an

indian campfire. In other words it is a Djed Pillar. The

concept of a human body/torso enmeshed in a huge,

tall single tree is again the story of Osiris. . The whisp of smoke from an Indian

campfire also is significant: Fire- The great Chicago fire allowed the Phoenix City to rise

again and invent the modern day version of the tower of babylon -the skyscraper. Indians from both the western

hemisphere, Iran and India use smoke to contact the spirits. & .

The Sequoia tree requires Fire to properly drop its seed

cones, thus it is an analogy to the Phoenix which also

requires Fire to be ‘born again’. & . Many

use smoke, to this day in religious ceremonies to come into contact with the spirit


The municipal flag of Chicago is essentially the flag of Israel or the banner of the Illuminati Rothschild clan…see for yourself and also the six pointed

star or Hexagram is ‘666’. .

Senator Hillary Clinton is from Chicago. She also attended

Skull and Bones laden Yale University. .

Senator Hillary Clinton has taken to wearing a lapel pin that

appears to be connected to the Illuminati. This is a design

known as a “Liberty Eagle” by Ann Hand. It features a golden

eagle clutching a pearl in both claws. It is also known as a

“Hillary pin” since she has glamourized it. Refer to: . It has become very

popular with the rich and powerful women of Washington. . There

are those that believe the pin is in fact a phoenix clutching

the earth and is a satanic symbol worn by Hillary to signal to

other cognoscenti that she is one of “them”. . The only

known use of a golden eagle clutching a globe like object

standing alone….is the symbol used widely by the nazis. .

The Hitler and Albert Speer Volkshalle was to be the largest

building in the world and would feature a huge eagle on its

dome clutching a globe. .There was also a

restored statue of Claudius the emperor of Rome shown holding the eagle/globe in his

hand. “The nazis believed that architecture played a key role in their reich” and

Hitler The Architect – See: .


                    INSPIRED BY ALBERT SPEERS’


For an active link see: .

Albert Speer used 130 (the ’13’) searchlights to make his

Cathedral of Light and his Volkshalle was modeled on St.

Peter’s Basilica in Rome. .

Further: Is this Hillary’s “Liberty Eagle”? .

Or how about a golden eagle holding a circular ringed

swastika celebrating ‘freiheit’ or Liberty…also from the nazis? . A nickname for Chicago is

“phoenix city” because it rose from the ashes of the Great Fire. This provides some more

evidence that the Liberty Eagle of Hillary is in fact a symbol of Illuminati Illinois -Chicago.

Further, Contender Ministries believes that the Bahai faith follows a dogma that seeks the

establishment of global rule by the antichrist. . One of only eight Bahai Temples in the

world and the only one in the western hemisphere is in …CHICAGO . See photo- .

“The UN secretariat isn’t opposed to all religion…they love Bahai because they are big on world government”…..

See- .

The Bahai temple has EIGHT sides. This is similar to an eight pointed star. The Bahai’s

believe in Eight spirits or avatars Thus, 8 global temples and 8 spirits and 8-point star.

Their primary temple in Haifa, Israel also has 8 sides and is called the mountain of the lord.

“Architecture is a language and these projects carry a message” . – What the message is and who

or what is the message being directed to is … unknown.

In Chicago, there is another institution with an eight-sided structure, in fact described as

being in the shape of an “eight-pointed star” and that is the auditorium of the University

of Chicago Law School. The symbol of the University is the phoenix. That is also the name

of the school newspaper and the founder of the institution is the Rockefeller clan. .

The heart of the University is called “The Quadrangles”. The Eight pointed star is an occult

symbol. The 8 pointed star is associated with the planet Venus by the mayans and others. & .



The eight pointed star figures as well in the masonic inspired Manitoba legislature building.

The star is associated with the worship of Ishtar as Venus the goddess was known in

Babylon and Mesopotamia. . The witches or wiccans

themselves state that the 8point star is made up of two squares or quadrangles and

the number 8 in the tarot deck is said to be associated with the devil card. .

The web site states the 8 point star as a wheel stands for

the 8 ways of making magick. Further , Loyola University in Chicago is a Jesuit Institution

whose school newspaper also is called the (Loyola) Phoenix. . The Jesuit order has long

been associated with sinister movements by many. One

example: .

Loyola now gives awards to pro-abortion politicians despite

protests by mainstream catholics. .

mainstream catholic protest.

Additional odd

connections exist between the Rockefeller institution known as the University of Chicago &

fascist / nazi / illuminati individuals and institutions based in the windy “phoenix city”.

1.Paul Weyrich: Has a nazi war criminal as his “right hand man”. . Mr. Weyrich is the

“most powerful man…in American politics today…”  His Heritage Institute is

based, of course, in the Windy City. .

2. Willard Garvey: He wrote a letter to then President Reagan encouraging “privatization”.

Included in the letter was the brochure for the Heritage Foundation. He served on the

Council For National Policy with Weyrich. The CNP is replete with racist, nazi types. .

Mr. Garvey was based in Wichita, Kansas where he has a DJED

pillar office building and also a bizarre mind-control center

with a White Pyramid on the grounds. See-  & Garvey DJED Pillar / .

3. Richard Mellon Scaife – a major donor to Paul Weyrich’s Heritage Foundation and to the

University of Chicago. He also supports population control (like the depopulationists in the

New World Order) and provides significant funds to Planned Parenthood , the largest

abort factory in the USA. .

Like so many of these individuals there are close links to the Nazi movement of Germany &

fascist causes: &

An investigative reporter died mysteriously while looking into

Scaife: .

Scaife has been linked to the CIA for decades and it is well

known that the backbone of the CIA at its inception was

german officer, General Gehlen’s intelligence apparatus. . Gehlen awarded honors

by the Knights of Malta. The knights are a catholic lay order

that is comprised of persons with military background. Mr. Mellon Scaife is a member of

the Knights of Malta and his father was in the OSS , the predecessor to the CIA. The Knights of Malta facilitated the

rise of Hitler.

Gehlen was awarded by the Order even though he was not a

Catholic. .

The Knights of Malta symbol is the Eight-Pointed Star.

Mr. Scaife is a member of the Knights of Malta. . He is based in

Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. Located in that fair city is the Carnegie-Mellon University. It has

hired the Astorino architectural firm for renovations. . Scaife is Mellon-Scaife.

As noted in the website, the firm likes green pyramid lamps

emblazoned with upside down crucifixes (see top of screen). 

The Astorino firm has won awards from the

AIA. The symbol of that organization is the DJED PILLAR &

the PHOENIX. – see red phoenix/Djed Pillar &

the letters ‘A’ ‘I” ‘A’ also seem to have hidden meaning –

A , first letter = 1 / I , ninth letter = 9 / A , first letter = 1

                         an anagram of 911

Further: The ‘A’s are pyramid-like with a capstone and the 

‘I’ is the everpresent   Djed Pillar. … More coincidence ??? Further the name Astorino is

the italian version of the last name ASTOR. The ASTOR


The name Astorino means ‘from Astor’. One of the named

ancestors founded the town of Astoria, Oregon a hot bed of

cult activity. It was the setting for the horror film RING 2.

The name Astor is that of an “aerial spirit” in the magickal book

Key or Clavicle of Solomon. . .

The Astor name comes from Astorga in southern Italy. It is

also a play on Astarte, also known as Ishtar of the famous

Ishtar gate that Saddam Hussein used in his failed effort to

rebuild Babylon. Astarte was the goddess of that empire.

See forbiddenknowledge link provided previously. WHO ELSE BESIDE AIA GIVES PRIZES?

The Pritzker Prize-This is the most prestigious prize given to an architect in the world. . The last three years have produced some very

interesting winners. 1. JOrn Utzon of Denmark 2003. He made the Sydney Opera House.

It is linked with the Illuminati: .

                       2. Zaha Hadid from Iraq and now the UK is called a deconstructionist

architect. You can link to her site on the previous Pritzker wiki site. She won in 2004. It is a field that

is typified by “controlled chaos” sort of like the freemason slogan ORDO AB CHAO.

                            3. 2005 winner is Thomas Mayne known for his bizarre designs that

are often filled with controversy. . The new “fad” in design is to avoid using “right angles”. .

This is interesting because in China and in feng shui in general right angles are preferred

because allegedly evil spirits cannot maneouver or enter a building if it must move in right

angles, therefore the trend by these new age, deconstructionist , maverick architects that

seem to be prize winners of late CAN ONLY BE SEEN AS MAKING THE EDIFICES GHOST




In Chinese tradition evil spirits can only travel in straight lines…the approaches…

require the visitor to move in 90 degree angle…” . The previous web site said re 90 degree

angles that “you might think that the 90 degree angle is

passe. Among current architectural fads, non-orthogonal designs…shaping …without using right angles is increasingly evident.” The Pritzker

Prize is thus being awarded to those who put out ‘Welcome’ mats for evil entities.

Who is behind the Pritzker Prize? The following website provides information regarding his

estate and strange activities there in of course, Chicago: & Connections to the ‘outfit’ or the

mob: . The Pritzker family fortune is estimated at 15 BILLION. . The family owns

the Hyatt Hotels chain. Reagan was  

shot as part of a possible “killing of the King” masonic ritual in Washington , D.C.         Prior to

this happening George H W Bush had been unveiling a plaque to JFK at a HYATT HOTEL

where JFK spent his last night (Pritzker + Mob + JFK hotel room = ?).

Pritzker has a medical school in the University of Chicago. The Rockefellers have long been

accused of involvement in nazi like experiments, eugenics, DNA research and other medical

links of a weird nature at best. Further, the Hyatt Hotel disaster in Missouri on July 17, ’81

is the worst hotel disaster on record not involving fire. . The University of Chicago and medical experiments on prisoners: & .

Rockefeller funding and the rise of so-called Hepatitis C. .

The University of Chicago has the usual bizarre architecture

and the motto is “Illuminate Life”. .

The founder of Planned Parenthood teamed up with a University of Chicago medical professor to further the cause

of eugenics in parallel with the nazis across the atlantic. .

THE PENNSYLVANIA CONNECTION TO 9/11 – Flt. 93 Memorial – Red Crescent – VATICAN:

Architect Astorino apparently has very close ties to the Heinz family of now deceased

Senator Heinz, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and thus an odd connection to the very controversial

and disliked “Crescent of Embrace” memorial to the flight 93 victims that allegedly died

fighting to gain control of the jet even though Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has

TWICE said publicly the plane was shot down in that Pennsylvania field. This current

analysis will lead to Rome, to the Vatican itself.

1. Connection to Heinz Empire: . Astorino firm given work

despite possible appearance of conflict of interest. Renovation of The Senator John Heinz Regional History Center…

The controversial crescent funded by the Heinz Endowment. .

The crescent of course is symbolic of the shriners and thus

the Freemasons. It has muslim mystical overtones and the

shriners have rituals that parallel at times those of the satanic church. .

Without getting too tangential why not just take the symbol for what it is EXACTLY i.e.;

                  A RED CRESCENT – the sign of the muslim version of the RED CROSS

Who headed the Red Cross during the Balkan War? .

Baron von Sebottendorf – the founder of the Thule Society

that was the greatest source of philosophical influence on the fledgling nazi movement.

He was a master adept in islamic and middle eastern black magick. .

The location where Senator John Heinz died in a plane crash near Philadelphia is at 40.07 N

latitude. This is also in alignment with the NYC WTC towers and Ankara, Turkey where

Sebottendorf ran the Red Cross and where freemason leader Kemal Ataturk is buried. .

The Latitude for Shanksville , Pennsylvania where the plane crashed or was downed is

40.02. This is nearly identical to the location where Senator Heinz died in a freak accident

that left his wife a billionairess. Allegedly a helicopter with a possibly “suicidal pilot” hit his



CONNECTIONS TO SKULL AND BONES…does this seem logically possible as a

Coincidence? & But then odd deaths are common these days . More on story of ‘suicidal’ helo

pilot. . The ‘crescent of embrace’ is oriented toward

Mecca. . The odds of this being an

accident are 1 in 9, thus an 8 in 9 chance of the layout focusing on Mecca BY DESIGN. Further , the previous mindprod-asbestos site believes that opposition to Asbestos

linked companies such as Halliburton and many others connects the mysterious deaths.

The article did not mention ABB, a swiss-german engineering firm that is involved with

1. The creation of the Yongbon Reactor in North Korea, The defendant in a huge “Gulf war

syndrome” lawsuit and a major defendant in the Asbestos cases as well. Donald Rumsfeld,

current and past Secretary of Defense was on the Board of ABB. NOKOR reactor – ; Gulf War I syndrome – and Asbestos – . It would seem that a member of

 the Board of ABB that is being sued by Gulf War I vets would have a conflict of interest

in being Secretary of Defense for Gulf War II and in charge of Veterans Affairs but as you

the reader cans see the term conflict of interest has no meaning in Washington D.C.

2. The following link shows aerial photos of Rumsfeld’s North Korean Reactor. On that link

is another link for a “strange structure”. – Reactor – odd complex. It appears to be a series of skinny pyramids ??.

Pittsburgh – Illuminati Imprint:

The skyscraper part of town is known as the “Golden Triangle”. See list of buildings at this link.

The US Steel Tower is the tallest building in Pittsburgh. It is a building that has 3 corners

and is in effect an odd shaped triangle. (click on previous link to US Steel Tower) or . A triangle with indented corners.

A triangle with indented corners is called a cycloid or hypocycloid. This was the symbol of

the American Iron And Steel Institute which was adopted by the Steelers football team. The

Steelers were originally named the Pirates (like the baseball team) – the symbol of

the SS, Skull and Bones, Knight Templars and the Jesuits. The team was formed in

1933. . The Cycloid was discovered by

Galileo in 1599. or Yahoo – Pittsburgh Steelers Logo. The so-called Cult of Galileo was the predecessor of the Illuminati. .

The Steelers were approached with the Logo idea by Republic Steel of Cleveland, where

their arch-rival the Browns were from. However, they accepted the Logo for reasons unknown. As noted on the wiki link, the Republic

Steel Corporation was known for the Brutal Repression of its Workers and thus the myth

that the Steelers got their name for the ‘blue collar steel workers’ is a lie and a fraud.

The leader of the Republic Steel Corporation was Cyrus Eaton , a man closely linked to the

Rockefeller-Illuminati-NewWorldOrder. He even won the Lenin Peace Prize and was

known as the ‘Kremlin’s Favorite Capitalist’. .

Mr. Eaton was from Nova Scotia , Canada , which happens to be the location where the

Knight Templars landed 100 years before Columbus and buried something in Oake Island. .

The owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a member of the Knights of Malta.

Logical Conclusion: Pittsburgh Steelers are TEAM ILLUMINATI…


The 666 foot elevation , triangle centered , zip code 60666 O’Hare Airport is located at

latitude 41.57. The Vatican is located at 41.54 N. Latitude. Nearly identical. The City of

Chicago is at 41.54 N. Latitude exact, of course…for the Vatican.     – Odd Triangular

buildings exist in Chicago and also in the Vatican. or google Chicago Triangle.

1. The Tribune-Review in Pittsburgh had the following article in which it gave a glowing

reception to the ‘renovation’ of the Church of St. Martha / Santa Marta / Sainte Marthe.

Please recall that the newspaper is Scaife owned. The ‘renovations’…and their occult

implications can be described as nothing less than SHOCKING.

2. “Pittsburgh Architects Leaves Mark on Vatican”  Is the Mark if fact

the “Mark of the Beast” ?

3. The Photo Gallery shows clearly that Jesus on the Cross is trapped in a “cubic stone”.

The cubic stone is a rectangular stone capped with a pyramid. This portion of the article

requires looking as – seeing is believing – to understand what has been done. A Cubic

Stone is an integral symbol of Freemasonry based magick. It is referred to in the article as the

“Key To Nature” for the performance of alchemy. The ultimate triumph in alchemy was a

magic transformation of the baser metals such as lead to gold. In the Catholic Mass the

ultimate transformation is the Transubstantiation of a piece of bread and a cup of wine

into the body and blood of God himself. Thus it appears to be that the Church may have

been ‘re-wired’ for some other  purpose that is evil or certainly not what is to normally

occur, according to Catholic belief systems, during Mass, which is in fact a White Magic


4. The Chapel of the Holy Spirit (the father of Jesus) is 3,300 square feet. The ’33’ of


5. The Chapel adjoins St. Martha’s House – where the visiting Cardinals stay for the

election of a new Pope. These ‘renovations’ were in place for the selection of

Pope Benedict. Wired for sound and video in advance perhaps??? (work done in

the 1990s)

6. The Church is built on a triangular piece of land and so of course it is a Triangle itself.

This request came from “the Vatican”. A pyramid for a Church to select the new Pope???

7. The Photo gallery view of the inside of the Church is replete with triangles and this

writer means REPLETE WITH TRIANGLES, 6 pointed stars, pillars with cubic stone design

– No other Catholic Church in the world looks like this.

8. Triangles are meant to contain spirits conjured during magic. The eye in the triangle

may be in the triangle for the protection of the wizard that summoned it. & &  Thus we have a

triangular church on a triangular piece of land with the crucified Christ trapped in a cubic

stone with multiple demon traps surrounding him. In fact the triangles point at him. What

does that mean?

9. Feng Shui, the chinese art of geomancy shies away completely from triangular shaped

house, rooms , buildings and so forth. “Feng Shui discourages using triangular shapes which are considered overly aggressive and a source of ‘poison arrows’…” .

… so they made a church that is aggressively directing scores and dozens of psychic

poison arrows at Christ while he is nailed to the cross trapped inside a cubic stone – and

this, not in some cellar where satanic groups gather in the dark in secrecy but in the

Vatican itself. The following link describes in the detail the phenomenon of “poison arrows”

and that the point of direction (as in the triangles pointed at Jesus) brings bad luck, misfortune, ill health and so forth. .

10. The Tribune article describes a large Triangle “representing Christ” with twelve smaller

ones representing the Apostles. The 12th triangle representing Judas is cracked and out

of this rises the Cross. a) 13 triangles; b) Jesus as a Triangle; c) a broken “spirit

trap” triangle meaning the entity it was meant to contain is unleashed; d) the

cross arises out of this broken spirit trap to arise inside a cubic stone capped with


11. At the entrance to the Chapel in alignment with or on an

“axis with the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and his Grave” is a marble statue of an upside down crucifix… (if link not working ‘dogpile’ – vatican triangle pittsburgh architect -.)

One of the most vicious enemies of Christianity was the Viking hordes. They wore a Thor’s

hammer as a pendant , resembling an upside down Cross in defiance of the Christian

Cross. . Thor’s Hammer has also been depicted as a

swastika and the runic thunderbolts of the SS were symbolic of thor as the god of

lightning and thunder. Thus we have geospatial alignment with the dome of the Basilica &

the grave of St. Peter a “Thor’s Hammer” in defiance of Christ. (ask yourself this – Why

the need for the upside down cross to be in an “axis” with these Christian locations?)

Also, the “Axis Powers” of course were led by Nazi Germany. Who gives a glowing review

of this travesty? The same Phoenix and Djed pillar AIA mentioned before.

12. Saint Martha: She was a contemporary of Jesus. Spoke to him on numerous times

and allegedly went to Gaul or southern France today and worked miracles which included

the taming of the Tarascon dragon. Her feast day is July 29 or 92 or 9 +1 + 1 or 9-11.

* Martha was the sister of Mary of Bethany also known as MARY MAGDALENE whom the

book the Da Vinci Code stated was the bride of Jesus and Mother of his child or children.

Mary Magdalene is alleged in the book to have gone to southern France and their offspring

became intermarried with the Franks leading to the Merovingian Dynasty and the likelihood

 of existing descendants alive to this day. THIS BOOK IS SUPPOSEDLY FICTION. However,

the Catholic Church believes that Martha – the sister of Mary Magdalene – DID GO TO

FRANCE. This is not considered fiction or a novel. The Da Vinci Code starts out with a

code at the pyramid located at the Louvre museum in Paris….Now, we have a real live

triangle/pyramid church in honor of her sister made by illuminati linked agents. Also linked

to Southern France – this one in real life. Could this be coincidence…yet again? .

13. The Dragon: This portion about taming the dragon is of interest since the Illuminati

are said to be of the dragon bloodline. There are numerous sites discussing this and the

writer will note a few and leave the discussion and conclusion on this to the reader. & &  & .

14. The Nazis and the CIA: Otto Skorzeny was a top officer and much admired by Hitler

for his daring paraglider rescue of Benito Mussolini during World War II. After the war he

worked for the CIA. One of the mysteries surrounding this man is what he was digging up

in southern France during the occupation, did he find it and what did he do with any relics

he found. .


15 Fact Becomes Fiction And Vice Versa: The Da Vinci Code. The pyramid at the Louvre

Museum in France was set forward by Francois Mitterand, then leader of France and a 33

degree freemason. & He also received the highest award

given by Vichy France. When news of this broke he denied it at first. Again mason/fascist

links with one following on the heels of the other time and time again. The pyramid built

by I.M. Pei of China was specifically requested by Mitterand for the museum in Paris.

Mr. Pei is a Pritzker Prize recipient and is enamoured with

triangular or pyramidal architecture. Here are some examples:

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame- ;

Bank of China – .

China is the home of the Triads, the secret-society mafia and is intersected by the 33rd

parallel North Latitude of Freemason significance.

Pei has been awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush. .

Simply Google – I M Pei Triangle / Pyramid and numerous links will appear.

Pei planned on putting a Pyramid at the Presidential Library of assassinated JFK. .


similar to ASTAROT, a high-rankin demonic entity . .

b) The Vatican has an Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square , surrounded by an eight pointed

wheel. & .

c) The New Cathedral project in Los Angeles is devoid of Catholic or Christian symbols.

It is a secular temple, again with odd shapes and disjointed angles. .

d) Romulus and Remus pyramids at St. Paul’s Church in the Vatican. . Romulus and Remus , the mythical

founders of Rome were children of the Roman War deity – Mars.

I M Pei has connections to other Illuminati architects with interesting pyramidal buildings:

Fentress Bradburn- a firm based in Denver, Colorado. Curtis Fentress connect both I M

Pei and the previously mentioned KohnFoxPedersen.,descCd-authorInfo.html  or google names together.

Curtis Fentress went to school at North Carolina State University. It has an exchange

program with Kwame Nkruma University in Ghana. It is called “The Ghana Project” and

includes three universities in that Country. .

Kofi Annan is an alumnus of the science and technology college. He is now Secretary

General of the United Nations. The following link indicates that his father was a high

ranking freemason in that country. . Are there other

Colleges that have Ghana programs in North Carolina? Yes- Chowan College and North

Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University do also.

Famous pupil? yes- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the ‘father’ of the 9-11-01 attacks. .

The Fentress Bradburn firm designed the super-controversial Denver International

Airport: “What in the world is going on at the Denver Airport?” & “most rumors

are true.” . . NEW WORLD AIRPORT

Fentress Bradburn likes pyramids as well: The Government of Sin City under the pyramid.

This is the Pyramid for the roof of buildings designed by them- .

Another chilling discovery is their building of 1999 Broadway Office Tower in downtown

Denver – a triangular building , tallest in Denver, “built around the Holy Spirit Church”

this is identical to the triangular structure build around the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in

the Vatican – again , a coincidence? 1999 = 1666 for numerology purposes as in 666 is

#1 in the tallest building in the Mile-High City.,1299,DRMN_414_4279324,00.html

Google – Fentress Bradburn Church-. For a book written by the AIA on the firm and their

version of the DIA debacle see: .

The US Marines under the Fentress Bradburn Pyramid-

The Unisource Energy Tower in Tucson Arizon is has 4 small pyramids on an octagon 

base topped with a large pyramid. None of the pyramids have capstones. The building is

the tallest between El Paso and Phoenix. It is 330 feet tall. Tucson is on the 32nd

parallel N. Latitude in alignment with Babylon, modern day Iraq. It had a tower too.

With a final point on Chicago, the address for the Sear’s Tower is 233 S. Wacker Drive. The zip code has been previously noted.

The 233 club was a masonic lodge for movie actors that had as

members John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart among others. .

3. Missouri

The new federal Courthouse being built is designed by the architectural firm of Fentress

Bradburn. * …

A) New Federal Court in Cape Girardeu , Missouri to be located at address beginning with

‘555’ Independence Avenue .

B) The Washington Obelisk is 555 feet tall.

The number 555 is associated in various cultures with ritual magic and the key of Solomon.  

It cannot be overstated that the masons are enamored with Solomon’s Temple. The

legend of the building of that structure indicates that Solomon used magic to bind evil

spirits to do his bidding and TO BUILD THE TEMPLE ITSELF. Are they doing the same? .


There appears to be a global phenomenon of building , designing , renovating many  

major edifices both secular and religious along masonic / pagan / satanic paradigms.

The reader should be aware and do everything possible to preserve that which is good &

Holy in art, architecture and design by protesting the enshrinement of evil in 3-D.

It appears that the ABC rule applies- Anything But Christ…

Please post this article & forward to whomever may be interested as a free public service.

       P H